Charles Erick: ‘Shame on you’ |

Charles Erick: ‘Shame on you’

To the editor:

The Craig resident Kendall is quite the hunter, eh?

He tracked a black bear to its hibernating den, entered the den, found the black bear asleep and shot it twice from six feet.

Wow? What a great hunter?

First of all, this guy should be ashamed. And on top of that, he actually is unintelligent enough to tell someone about his great hunting excursion. Would you do this and then tell someone about it?

And even got his story published. Mr. Kendall does not understand the fair chase principle, does he?

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He shot a sleeping, hibernating bear just so he could having a trophy to brag about.

And you folks glorified it. Shame on you.

Thank you for your time.

Charles Erick


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