Chad: Vote ‘em all out |

Chad: Vote ‘em all out

To the editor:

This letter is in reference to keeping our coal mines alive and well.

I think by now that pretty much all of us who live here in Moffat, Routt and Rio Blanco counties know how important it is to have the jobs that we do in the mines.

We all know how important the mines are to everyone around here, the state, the whole country, and yes, the world.

All use coal every day and don't realize it.

We have to have lights, don't we?

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We use coal for a lot of other things, as well, not to mention, the jobs that are here. They are providing a lot of families with not just a paycheck, but also health insurance.

If my husband didn't work out at Colowyo, I am not sure where we would be at, especially with the insurance. My son and I would definitely be in trouble without it.

Especially me.

I am only on one kidney and have a lot of problems with my bladder, and I am in the office and the emergency room quite often throughout the year.

Without my insurance, as some people here in Moffat, Routt and Rio Blanco counties know, I would be in a world of hurt.

The mines don't only offer a steady paycheck, good health insurance and a retirement package, they also offer a sense of knowing you have earned everything you work your butt off for. And also a sense of pride that goes along with it at the end of a hardworking week.

But we also all know this, too.

If we keep re-electing people back into offices who have no interest anything to do with Northwest Colorado's best interests, then everything I have just written about, goes right out of the window.

Because all the John Hicken-

loopers, all the Bill Ritters, all the Obamas are trying to kill the little people and all of our dreams. I am all for "clean coal," but there are also ways of doing "clean coal" without shutting our mines down and putting so many families out of jobs, their homes, their cars and trucks and so forth.

And, the only way to possibly keep this from happening is to voice and yell all of our concerns, our cries and be the loudest bunch around until they get the message and our point.

And, they won't re-elect or vote for these kind of people who you know will hurt the little men and women who helped bring what we have here in Moffat, Routt and Rio Blanco today.

But now we're hanging in there with everything we have to hold onto right now. So please voice all of the concerns, lobby if you possibly can, write, e-mail, whatever it takes to get your point across.

Amy Chadd

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