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Celebrate the National Day of Prayer

To the Editor;

We can no more separate ourselves from prayer and honoring God than we can disassociate ourselves from the founding fathers who brought us to these shores. It may not be apparent to some Eastern Bloc leaders, but it is quite evident to their people remove God and you remove society’s lynch pin. God and the adherence to His moral and ethical teachings in Scripture have been and must remain the very glue that holds our nation together.

Thank God, Congress unanimously sought to protect our right to pray in 1952. Signed into law by President Truman, and later amended by President Reagan, the first Thursday in May remains the day our nation turns its hearts toward honoring God in prayer.

Historical records will bare out the facts that God, not chance nor favorable winds, led our founding fathers to these very shores. Once on dry soil, they honored God on their knees. They thanked Him for safe passage, relied on Him to find provisions, and sought His protection in this new and sometimes dangerous land. As time passed, they sought His guidance as they fashioned this nation’s government, its law and its constitution.

If our children, the family and society are to survive, we must return to God for the same reasons: to honor Him, offer thanksgiving, seek safety, ask for forgiveness, rely on Him for provisions and appeal for guidance.

As Dr. D. James Kennedy says: “As Christians, we have the hopes and the promise of ultimate victory, but it is not enough to merely hope for better things. We have been a silent majority for too long it is time to become committed. It takes everyone. Somehow, somewhere, we must be involved.”

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This May 3 decide to become involved with millions of Americans as they intercede for our nation. You can make a difference. Hopefully, many people throughout the Yampa Valley will join us for prayer under the flag at the Moffat County Courthouse on Thursday, May 3, at 12 noon.

Prayerfully yours,

Holmes Shefstead

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