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CDP Editorial: Relishing the opportunity

Our View

Today’s two performances of Moffat County High School’s “Footloose” offer a unique opportunity for a great show, one that shouldn’t be missed.

Today's two performances of Moffat County High School's presentation of "Footloose" mark the close of another successful production by our community's talented young actors.

It also marks the close of another opportunity for residents to enjoy live theater — a chance we get twice a year thanks to MCHS.

The students performing in "Footloose" are clearly talented, belting out well-known tunes, demonstrating their dance skills and completely falling into their roles as teenage rebels.

The adult actors — teachers and other community members playing the parental and administrative roles — add authenticity to the show.

The show's director, Heather Dahlberg, has prepared all of them well. She demonstrated her meticulous style at dress rehearsals last weekend, calling to her actors and stage staff to repeat a scene or dance again and again until it was right. Her energy is apparent in the show.

The music and choreographed dances make for an upbeat, family-friendly show. And, the message — one of not succumbing to pressure from others about who you should be — is important for the youths performing and watching the show to hear.

Today's final performances of "Footloose" — at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. today at MCHS, 900 Finley Lane — are an infrequent opportunity for culture we should seize while it's here. At $5, It's a good deal for a good show, too.

In light of seemingly endless budget cuts for our education system, it's critical to support the arts for our students. The lessons learned on stage are unlike most in the classroom, and ones we should help sustain by attending shows like this.

Lastly, for the students performing today, enjoy every moment in the spotlight. The experience of performing high school theater is one some of the staff at the Craig Daily Press has enjoyed and one that is unlike any other.

And believe us, no matter how ready to you are to grow up, this experience is one to savor. It will pass too quickly. Relish it and make some terrific memories today.

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