CDP Editorial: Promise of the New Year |

CDP Editorial: Promise of the New Year

Like most years, 2012 was full of ups and downs, for the world and our nation, but especially for the Moffat County Community.

From the thrills of state champions and campaign stops to the civic responsibility of participating in a local election to the tragedy of senseless violence and the frustration of disappointing national election results, Moffat County has seen a little of everything this year.

Once again, the resilient residents of Craig and Moffat County have celebrated the good and found ways to overcome the bad. It has been an honor for us at the Daily Press to cover this community and tell the amazing stories of the people who shape the culture of Northwest Colorado.

As we shut the door on 2012, we also look ahead to 2013 and all the potential it holds.

New elected officials, board members and volunteers represent the possibility of change. We hope and expect that change to be for the better.

A new year allows the youths involved in local sports and activities more opportunities to display their talents and represent our community with confidence and class. Regardless of the results, the dedication and determination displayed by these youths usually is reason enough to be proud.

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And as always with an economy like Moffat County's — and especially now — a new year carries with it the chance of increased oil and gas activity and mineral lease sales, which would help buoy a recovering economy anchored by small, local businesses.

Whatever 2013 has in store, we know the people of Moffat County will be ready for it, good bad or somewhere in the middle. And it will be our pleasure to tell the stories that happen along the way.

From all of us at the Craig Daily Press, we wish all the people of the Moffat County community — those living here as well as those who are elsewhere — a very happy and blessed New Year.

Our View

As we turn the calendar from 2012 to 2013, it is natural to look back and reflect on the ups and downs on the past year. We also look ahead to 2013 and the promise it holds.

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