CDP editorial: Backyard and beyond |

CDP editorial: Backyard and beyond

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4265 is at odds with the Craig Chamber of Commerce over the Marcia Car and the City of Craig regarding City Park.

The city and Moffat County haven't fully come together enough to make needed infrastructure repairs to Shadow Mountain, an area that could use all the assistance it can get.

There's an old train depot at the edge of downtown rotting away, the blighted, burnt shell of a motel on the other end barely standing, and the community's signature event is moving from downtown to far reaches, keeping businesses from capitalizing on foot traffic.

Good times, right?

With the things mentioned above and many others in play, it's hard not to be jaded by the current state of affairs in our community, or skeptical about the future of it.

One look around is enough on some days to wish for the snow to come back.

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Officials and agencies are busy nitpicking at each other about relatively minor things — like determining the most difficult way our community can keep things in place we've had for years — instead of deciding how to stimulate growth, diversity and development in our economy.

Meanwhile, this place has, at best, taken on the feel of a community lacking vision or the officials in office or on staff with the ability and authority to carry one out. At worst, it's started to look rung out and rundown.

Poor planning, warring egos, zero eyes on the future and shortsighted vision have created this patchwork, mixed and mashed façade, like a thrift store wardrobe.

And that's just in our own backyard. If you really want to get deflated, start considering the futures of our own beloved Colorado and USA.

But, this is an election year and even the most politically uninvolved among us are likely to come across candidates — local, state and federal — who are going to make all sorts of promises.

They're going to talk about how hard they'll work on behalf of you and your family. They'll tell you they're going to fix this, that and all the rest.

They'll try to convince you they'll be the emissary through which all parties in conflict can find common ground.

Don't fall for it.

Beware of the honey potions they pour in your ear.

Instead, press them on real issues.

They want your vote, make them earn it.

Ask about vision, planning, and looking years ahead.

Ask them how they can help people today without shorting someone else tomorrow.

Ask yourself, does this candidate and his or her ideas sound exactly like all the rest?

If the answer's yes, your decision at the polls is easy — vote for someone else.

Maybe it's by eliminating retreads and the same tired ideas we can get the change we sorely need, both here in our backyard and beyond.

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Editorial board members:

• Al Cashion

— Community representative

• Bryce Jacobson

— Newspaper representative

• Bridget Manley

— Newspaper representative

• Chris Nichols

— Community representative

• Joshua Roberts

— Newspaper representative

Our View

Squabbles between groups, shoddy planning, and bad decisions are making Craig and Moffat County look patchwork, like a community without a unified vision. Long-term planning, resolving differences and sound decisions are the formula for improving the area rather than having one that looks like an unmatched wardrobe from a thrift store.

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