Candidates jockey for votes in treasurer race |

Candidates jockey for votes in treasurer race

Brian Smith

Elaine Sullivan, right, and Mike Brinks, both candidates for Moffat County treasurer, share the microphone during the Craig Daily Press/KRAI candidate forum Tuesday at Centennial Mall.

Moffat County treasurer candidates Mike Brinks and Elaine Sullivan outlined their backgrounds and professional experience to voters Tuesday night during the Craig Daily Press/KRAI candidate forum at Centennial Mall.

Sullivan and Brinks are engaged in one of five contested Moffat County races for public office.

The two candidates made opening remarks to the audience of about 150 people.

Sullivan talked about her time in the community and work as the current Moffat County clerk and recorder.

"I am proud of my community involvement, that is what I do," she said. "That is what I continue to do."

She said she would "continue to serve the people of Moffat County with the same expertise and passion I have served you in the years prior."

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Brinks discussed his background as an accountant and the financial work he did for the Moffat County School District.

He said he has "worked with the elected officials for years."

"I am qualified to be your treasurer and would appreciate your vote come next Tuesday," he said.

The two candidates were asked if they would keep the county's funds in the same bank or switch to another institution.

Sullivan said it is not the right time to look into switching banks, considering the economy.

"We are not an investment corporation, the monies have been in an account since 1966 that is reviewed yearly by a financial board and the Moffat County board of county commissioners," she said.

Brinks said he would favor keeping the money in "the institution that does the best job."

"We said years ago that the banking services should be bid out and that never happened," he said. "I am a big proponent that we should bid out the banking services and go with the bank that would do the best job for the county."

The candidates were also asked what their priorities would be, if elected.

Brinks said one of his goals would be to learn the day-to-day operations of the treasurer's office to find out "who does what, how it is done, and look for ways to improve the services that we offer."

"My other goals would be to work with the county commissioners on the budget and see if we can't save the county some dollars somewhere along the line," he said.

Sullivan said her priority would be "the people of the county" because she would "work with you, work for you and I serve you."

"That's what my goal is, that is what it has always been, and it is not going to be any different," she said. "I provide great customer service."

In his closing statement, Brinks said county residents "pay for and deserve to have qualified people" in offices that are designed to serve them.

"The qualifications start with education and experience, and I have qualifications and I thank you for your support," he said.

Sullivan said she wanted to "remind everybody that this isn't a business that we are conducting, this is the Moffat County treasurer's office."

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