Candidates for governor making their names known across the state |

Candidates for governor making their names known across the state

Erin Fenner

It's still early in 2014, but candidates for elected office already are campaigning.

A total of 15 Coloradoans are vying for the executive office in the state. Gov. John Hickenlooper is up against several Republicans, one Democrat and a handful of Independents.

That will change after the state assemblies, when the parties decide who they want to be their party's candidates. The April 12 assemblies will bring delegates from across the state to vote for whom they want running for elected office.

Frontrunners among Repub­licans are garnering attention and seeking financial support.

Former Congressman Bob Beauprez recently entered the race, making his announcement March 4 that he would vie for a spot on the Republican ticket.

"Let me be clear: I have the greatest respect for the current field of Republican candidates for governor. Each has been my friend and supporter, and I have worked with and known many of these men for a long time," he said in a press release. "But, just like you, I have been watching the race unfold, and it's clear our party is looking for another choice."

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He's up against other prominent Republicans such as Secretary of State Scott Gessler.

State Sen. Greg Brophy, R-Wray, asked for Moffat County's support for his gubernatorial run when he visited the area in October.

A Northwest Coloradoan also threw his hat in the ring. Meeker resident and business-owner Jim Runberg, running unaffiliated, is seeking the highest office in the state.

"I don't like what Gov. Hickenlooper has been doing to take guns from Colorado citizens," he said. "I believe our economy could do much better. I believe I can help this state greatly."

In a press release Runberg sent out, he asserted his values: that he was a "conservative, independent, pro-life, pro-2nd amendment, Christian candidate for Colorado governor."

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Who is running for governor


Incumbent Gov. John Hickenlooper

Sammy Helms


Bob Beauprez

Greg Brophy

Jason Ray Clark

Scott Gessler

Steven E. House

Mike Kopp

Marlene Ronita Sylvester

Thomas Gerard Tancredo


Jarred Ahrend – Unaffiliated

John Gregory French – Unaffiliated

Harry O. Hempy – Green

Matthew Hess – Libertarian

Jim Lennart Rundberg – Unaffiliated

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