Byron Willems: Medical marijuana |

Byron Willems: Medical marijuana

Editors's note: This letter is from Craig City Councilor Byron Willems. The council plans to deliberate on the city's medical marijuana dispensary ordinance at its regular meeting at 7:30 p.m. today at Craig City Hall, 300 W. Fourth St.

To the editor:

All I know is that this entire medical marijuana situation has been twisted and distorted to allow literally thousands of Coloradans who use marijuana for "recreational usage" to now obtain it legally.

Also, the records in Colorado show most dispensary operators are registered medical marijuana users themselves, some admitting to using marijuana for 40-plus years.

Larry Hill spoke to the Craig City Council about his ownership in a medical marijuana dispensary in the Denver area and being a partner in the medical marijuana dispensary operating in Craig.

When asked, Larry could not remember the name of the town he lives in.

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The current situation has allowed pot dealers to sell marijuana legally under the façade of being caregivers.

To obtain marijuana legally today, all you have to do is get a doctor to prescribe it.

If you are too embarrassed to go to your family doctor, or if your family doctor does not agree that medical marijuana is right for you, don't worry. Your local dispensary will help you get the doctor that will make that happen.

It is sad that the truly sick people who can benefit from medical marijuana now are being lumped into a pile with a bunch of potheads using the system.

We cannot do anything about the doctor who is willing to prescribe this drug for almost everything. But we can do something about the sale of it in Craig.

Always keep in mind the patients who truly need medical marijuana always will be able to still get it.

As for the opinion from Craig City Attorney Kenny Wohl about, "Let the Attorney General incur the legal cost," he has a valid point.

Regulation could cost the taxpayers money — but I think this is a fight worth fighting.

Right or wrong, this is my opinion.

What is your opinion? The Craig City Council needs to hear it.

The first reading of the medical marijuana ordinance is tonight.

The current proposed ordinance will allow medical marijuana to be sold in our town.

Byron Willems

Craig city councilor

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