Business Beat: Fire safety supplier adds new tenant |

Business Beat: Fire safety supplier adds new tenant

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You can never be too prepared in case a fire occurs in your home or business.

That's the philosophy embraced by the staff of Craig Fire & Safety, as well as the new business operating alongside them.

Extinguisher Solutions opened as a separate business within Craig Fire & Safety, 463 Ranney St., in late June.

As the name implies, the secondary supplier specializes in selling and servicing fire extinguishers in addition to related areas.

"We'll be offering fire hose testing and testing of exit lights and pretty much any kind of testing with fire suppression systems, except for sprinklers, which is a whole world of its own," owner Kevin Kernen said.

Kernen and CFS owner Byron Willems recently completed the arrangement after working on it for several months.

"Byron actually got started selling fire extinguishers and built it from there, and I bought that part of it out," Kernen said. "Within the next couple months, I'll be getting into the restaurant and commercial kitchen stuff, things like that. I'm certified in that, and I just need to get my inventory up and I'll have a couple more employees soon."

Kernen, who has been a firefighter for 12 years, said the string of recent wildfires in Colorado is an example of how people need to be ready for such a disaster on any scale.

"I think everybody's awareness is heightened about it, because it's not taking anything for these fires to start," he said. "I'm finding a lot of places are out of date just because nobody's ever realized that they need the stuff, so it's important to do that."

Business hours for Extinguisher Solutions are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

For more information, call 824-2248 or 756-0012.

Storage facility moves office location

After moving its principal office within town, the Craig branch of Central Park Management's network of storage space has seen a lot more foot traffic.

The main office setup for the business, originally located at Northwest Storage, 4295 W. Victory Way, first moved to a new building, Craig Self-Storage, 1592 W. Victory Way, in May.

"I think it serves our customers a lot better because this way they don't have to drive all the way out west of town," manager Darolyn Bangs said. "In this office, we've got all our supplies for storage and shipping like boxes, tape, padlocks, furniture covers and all that stuff."

Craig Self-Storage also now offers U-Haul rentals out of its location, an aspect which used to be exclusive to Northwest Storage.

"I think the owners just thought it would be better exposure for us, and it's working out pretty great," Bangs said. "People seem to stop by here more (than at Northwest) because we have some people who don't drive, so now they can just walk in and pay their bills, and it's just a little more convenient, so it's been an excellent location."

Central Park Management, which operates out of Steamboat Springs, owns five total storage locations in Craig — including East Storage, DuRose Storage, and Hurricane Storage and Car Wash — as well as nine in Steamboat.

For more information on local storage options, call 824-MINI (6464) or visit

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