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Bullpup yet undefeated on gridiron


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There’s nothing quite as comforting as having you feet on the ground.

This especially holds true if your are a middle school football coach. Coach Gary Tague, the Craig Middle School Bullpups head coach, has his feet firmly planted on the ground as far as coaching philosophy and game planning.

“The most important thing the kids should get from in middle school football is a grasp of the running game,” Tague said. “I’m know as a running coach, and almost all of our plays will be run based.”

The running game is par for course concering Craig Middle School football, but this year the Bullpups have complemented the rushing attack with one from the air. The eighth grade team has averaged eight passes a game, which works out to be 24 pass through the three games the Bullpups have played. Out of the 24 plays the Bullpups have put up in the air, only one has fallen incomplete.

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The mix of run and pass has allowed Craig Middle School to roll through its first three games nearly unscathed, and undefeated.

The team to give the middle school a run for its money was Steamboat Springs, who led the game going into the half 6-12. The Bullpups turned up both their offense and defense in the second have to come back and win the game 24-12.

“We didn’t play our best game against Steamboat, but we did keep our noise in the game, and were able to come back,” Tague said.

In the other two games the Bullpups have played they never trailed, winning against Rangely 28-0, and against Meeker 24-12.

Along with expanding to the skies, instead of relaying strictly on the rushing game, the Bulldogs have started to install the Moffat County High School offense, or at least some of it.

“We started to put in some of the offense before the Meeker game, and really only practiced it once,” Tague said. “But when we ran the plays we installed it was like it was part of our play book since the start of the year.”

The Bullpups now runs two of the high schools formations, and eight of its plays. The middle school team has also used the high school’s passing tree since the beginning of the year.

The eighth grade Bullpups will start to replay the teams which they have already beaten this Saturday, when the travel to Rangely.

The seventh grade Bullpups have seen an equal amount on the gridiron as their older teammates.

So far the seventh graders a undefeated this season, though, they have play some close games. Once again Steamboat Springs turned out to be the fly in the Bullpups ointment, with their “B” team hold Craig Middle School to only one touchdown. The Bullpups defense turned out to be as equally as stingy, shutting out Steamboat Spring, and helping the team to a 6-0 victory.

The seventh graders have won three other games, including an 18-6 victory over Rangely, and 18-12 win over Steamboat Springs “A” team, and a 18-14 win over Meeker.

“I’ve only got about seven or eight plays, that I run out of seven or eight formations,” seventh grade coach Burkie Wynkoop said. “Nothing will really change in how we play for the rest of the year. We’ll stay with a simple game plan as long as it’s successful.”

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