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Bulldogs go to camp

Football camp 'gives guys a taste' of what the game is about in Moffat County

Luke Graham

Head football coach Kip Hafey wants the underclassmen to understand the winning football tradition in Moffat County.

That’s one reason the fourth year coach runs a football camp the week before mandatory football practice starts Monday.

“(The camp) gives the new guys a taste of what Bulldog football is all about,” he said.

At Monday’s camp, more than 60 players showed up to learn offensive and defensive plays.

The camp is designed to introduce plays to new players and refresh returning players’ memories.

“It gets us into the system so we know what we need to do during the season,” senior-to-be Kevin Loughran said.

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Loughran has been attending the camp since he was in eighth grade. He said it was a vital part to the success he has had throughout his career.

It also helps him meet the new guys on the team.

“We get to know (the younger guys),” he said. “Those guys are our future, so we have to leave them something.”

Monday was the first night of the camp, and to get players familiar with one another, coaches broke the players into classes and had the new players introduce themselves.

“We want them to be a family,” Hafey said.

Although the camp covers offensive and defensive formations, coach Hafey said the offense is behind the defense in terms of progression.

“Defense is a lot of reaction,” he said. “We do some defense, but we focus a lot on offense.”

For freshman Thomas Noble, the experience at camp has been valuable.

“It just feels like you’re ready,” he said.

Noble, who played junior high football last year, said he went to camp so he could get acclimated to high school football.

“I went so I can be ahead of the game when I get to practice,” he said. “The plays are so much more intense.”

Although the design of the camp is to get players back into football, Hafey said most returning players have dedicated most of the summer to this year’s season.

“Most of these kids were in the weight room the day after Niwot (last game of last season),” he said. “They’ve been putting in the hours, that’s for sure.”

It’s the time and dedication of the returning players that will help the younger players carry on the Bulldog football tradition, Hafey said.

“Our senior class is like a whole class of leaders,” he said. “I know Moffat County is due for another good year. These kids have been working hard, and they have a winning attitude.”

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