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Bulldog wrestlers gear up for Regionals

Elwood Shelton

Deric Dill
103lbs, 4-6

Cory Hixaon
112lbs, 32-4
“I plan on taking regionals.”

Kyle Kostur
119lbs, 42-1
“We’ll win regionals.”

M. Hastings
125lbs, 43-2
“I predict that we’ll do well win by at least 50.”

J. Weber
130lbs, 36-7
“I’m picked to take regionals and I probably will”

T. Linsacum
135lbs, 44-2
“We’ll probably win the regionals.”

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R. Linscaum
140lbs, 39-5″I’ve been training hard all week, I’ll do well.”

Ty Weber
145lbs, 39-5
“I’ll have it pretty easy till finals.”

T. Grandbouche
145lbs, 26-12 -0

C. Fredrickson
160lbs, 35-8
“We’ll take first as a team.”

B. Duarte
171lbs, 28-12
“This weekend we should take regionals.”

Trevor Sloan
189lbs, 32-9
“I’ll probably have a tough championship match”

Cliff Stehle
215lbs, 11-6

Jerod Coniff
275lbs, 12-15
“I hope we bring back a championship.”

R. Gutierrez
“We should win handily, I would think.”

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