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Bryce Jacobson: Vote yes on lodging tax

Bryce Jacobson, publisher of the Craig Daily Press

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I would not be doing my job as a business columnist if I didn't address the lodging tax issue that is going to be presented to you on the general election ballot this year.

During my tenure here at the Craig Daily Press, which is now nearing five years, I have heard and been involved in many conversations regarding the lack of diversity in our economy.

I have been told that the diversification in tourism only comes from October to December, with hunting season.

Our economy has oil and gas, mineral extraction, and tourism, but the tourism is only for a short period of time.

The way I see this is that many people have presented this problem to elected officials time and again. No action was taken.

Action has been taken now — the Craig City Council put together a committee of citizens to form a solution for what many people have complained about for many years.

Is it the only thing we have to do? Will we then be sitting on piles of money? No. But, I think this is a step in the right direction, and I will be voting yes.

Those in opposition are vying for your vote, claiming that there is "no free money."

I couldn't agree with them more — if we choose to vote no on this ballot issue, there is going to be "no free money" coming our way.

We will have to simply sit around and complain about our undiversified economy.

A yes vote, the way I see it, gets a system in place to stabilize our economy.

Cantafio Law office returning to Craig

According to a news release, The Law Offices of Ralph A. Cantafio will be reopening at 676 Yampa Ave., after having vacated the premises in 2008.

The Law Offices of Ralph A. Cantafio is a general law office emphasizing in litigation.

The Craig office will be staffed primarily by Jay Cranmer, who emphasizes criminal and domestic representation; Elizabeth Wittemyer, who is fluent in Spanish and emphasizes immigration, domestic and criminal law; and Lindsey Bates, who emphasizes bankruptcy law.

You can contact the law office at 879-4567, or by visiting the location in downtown Craig. You can also find them online at