Bryce Jacobson: Mayor, commissioner miss the point — again |

Bryce Jacobson: Mayor, commissioner miss the point — again

Bryce Jacobson

At Friday night's State of the County event, Craig Mayor Don Jones and Moffat County commissioner Audrey Danner boasted about the amount of money their respective groups have available in reserves as a good thing.

Jones even went as far as criticizing "special interests" — a phrase I think to be a not-so-thinly veiled jab at the newspaper and myself — for being critical of keeping these reserves in the past.

Since the mayor and commissioner seem to have missed the point once again, let me clarify.

I think the reserve money the city and county have are too high.

It has been my opinion in the past, just as it is now, that if government agencies have reserves in the amount that our city and county has had, they should either give it back to the taxpayers or use it to diversify our economy.

Had we taken that extra money — money our governments apparently didn't need, otherwise, it would have been used for services — and put it to the wise use of recruiting additional business or businesses that employ 100-plus people, maybe our community wouldn't be in the tenuous financial position it's in today.

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Which is it?

Sticking with Jones' speech Friday night, he further criticized "special interests" and made a point that the American Civil Liberties Union involvement in the Francisco Reina case was an example of people in other places trying to make decisions for residents.

Later in his speech, Jones explained why he supports allowing the state to implement legislation regarding the distribution of medical marijuana.

It seems to me that the mayor contradicted himself.

Which is it, Mr. Mayor?

Are you going to be a leader and stand up for Craig residents making their own decisions, or are you going to rely on outside people to make decisions for you?

Or does it lie somewhere in the middle?

Perhaps it's a matter of this: If there's a difficult decision, you'll allow someone else to make it for us, and if it's an easy decision, you'll allow us to make that decision ourselves.

Perhaps the mayor thinks he can have it both ways.

That's my opinion.

The mayor makes a habit of criticizing the newspaper and myself for our position and opinions, hence the reason I publish this on the day of a scheduled city council meeting and county commission meeting.

If you have an opinion either way, the place to vet these ideas is with your elected officials.

They might criticize you for it later, but it is important that they hear from you.

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