Braselton family: Thank you Craig |

Braselton family: Thank you Craig

To the editor:

We would like to thank everyone who participated at the second annual Lid Jam in memory of Shane. The turnout was over the top, as was the skating and biking. It truly was a day we will never forget.

None of this would have come together without the support of this community. It is folks like all of you who pull together and help us heal. We know we are blessed to live here.

With that, we would like to thank Kenny Stacy who came to us and asked very respectfully if we would be OK with him coordinating Lid Jam, and then proceeded to run (or skate) with the ball.

Then there is Jim Diehl and his fantastic wife, Jen (proprietors of Carelli's Pizzeria), who joined up with Kenny and helped get the gears turning. Next thing we knew, posters were going up, sponsors were donating prizes, the Ian Tilmann Foundation was advising and supporting with the helmet giveaway program, and the streets were buzzing.

Talk about heart warming. It doesn't get better than that. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. A special thanks goes out to J&R Cyclery for the generous competition prizes (you guys rock), and to the City of Craig Parks and Recreation, Dave Pike and his staff.

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Also, thanks go out to the Craig Daily Press. Brian Smith and Shawn McHugh, thank you for your professionalism. You came into our home, respected our wishes and wrote a great piece.

Last, but certainly not least, thanks to Jimmy Clark of Liquid Flesh, and his wonderful wife, Carla, for their fantastic contribution to the Ian Tilmann Foundation.

Above all, we want to encourage safe, responsible and enjoyable biking and skating.

We urge all skaters and bikers to wear helmets and protect yourself from serious head trauma.

Current statistics estimate one skating death a week, not to mention all the life-threatening injuries.

We would never want to see another tragedy like Shane's occur in our community. It only takes a second to put on your helmet correctly.

To the older skaters out there, set an example for the younger kids. They look up to you. If you need a helmet but can't afford one, the Ian Tilmann Foundation can help.

This is a great organization that promotes safe skating, provides helmets (free, if you promise to always wear it) and sponsors skating events.

So far, the foundation has given away around 3,000 helmets for free, just to keep our adventurous youth safe. Check it out at

Thank you again, Craig!

The Braselton family

Gary, Pam, Jeff, Victoria, and Stephanie

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