Bowling leagues spare no details |
Tom Schafer

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Bowling leagues spare no details

Each week, men from all over town flock to Craig Lanes to flaunt their bowling skills, to battle their wits and to congeal their male bonding in Wednesday night men’s bowling league.

The bowling alley by some, is like heaven. A place where friends can throw a heavy, three fingered ball, sixty feet down an oily wooden floor and watch it crash into ten standing pins.

“How can you miss, with a 16 pound ball, hitting 10 little pins,” Steve Bingham said. Bingham works for the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) as a heavy equipment operator. He has been league bowling for four-years and his team is sponsored by Craig Lanes.

The bowling league consist of 12 teams with five to eight players. They compete against each other throughout the bowling season September through April.

“The season ends with a bowling tournament,” Owner/Manager of Craig Lanes, Elba Kilpatick said. “The winners receive cash prizes and trophies.”

The bowling alley is a place where locals can cut loose during the cold and snowy winter months.

“It gives me something do and it’s fun,” league member Phil Rogers said. “Oh yeah, it keeps me out of trouble.”

Rogers is a cook at the Truck Stop. He has been bowling in the league for the past four years and 22 years overall.

“I started bowling with my mom when I was four,” Rogers said.

Mike Mascarenas said, “Bowling is fun and it gets me out of the house.”

Mascarenas works for Pepsis. He is a casual bowler whose personal best is 220 and has been in the bowling league for five years. Mascarenas started bowling when he was 11. His team is sponsored by Archie’s Accounting and they usually finish in the top three teams for the season.

The bowling alley brings these league participants out for more than tossing the balls down the alley.

“I got sick of throwing darts,” Dan Martin said.

“For the beer,” Brad King added.

Craig Lanes has been serving bowlers in Craig for at least 40 years and Kilpatrick has been the owner/manager for the past ten years.

“It is a fun business but a lot of hard work,” Kilpatrick said, “My late husband John Kilpatrick brought the place in 1983 and remodeled it.”

In addition to the men’s league, there are other activities at Craig Lanes. Women’s leagues on Tuesday night, mixed leagues on Thursday nights, moonlight bowling and color pin bowling, as well.