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Bohrer: No harm in asking

Tony Bohrer

I am personally kind of a dreamer.

Sometimes I like to allow my mind to wonder a little bit and like a child begin to think of the impossible. As I begin to study the word of God I find more and more that when our prayers and dreams line up with God’s plan, the impossible can become possible.

“But Jesus beheld [them], and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26).

We understand that this scripture is talking about salvation. The question was just asked to Jesus “who can be saved”. The scripture states a truth that all followers of Christ need to understand.

There are certain things that are impossible with man but all things are Possible with God. Not some things but all things.

How awesome is that? I know that doesn’t mean I am going to get whatever I want but it does mean that the God I serve has the ability to answer my prayer or dream.

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Do you remember a story in the Old Testament about a man named Joshua? Joshua was the man who led the children of Israel out of the wilderness and into the promise land. The thing I love about Joshua was he prayed one of the craziest prayers in the bible and God answered it.

Joshua asked God for the sun to stand still while he continued to fight against the Amorites (Joshua 10).

Today if someone asks a question like this, people’s first answer would, “be this guy needs to go to school. The earth moves around the sun not the other way around.”

Scientist would have laughed and told him this is impossible.

What kind of audacity did Joshua have to ask God to preform such a crazy deed? The best part is God did it! God promised Joshua that he would fight for him and Joshua needed more time in the fight with the Amorites.

My point is this today, is there something in your life that you feel would be impossible for you to accomplish it on your own? Something that needs a helping hand, you have tried everything and it is still falling apart? It could be your marriage, addiction, finances or whatever.

I know that God knows all about it. Maybe just maybe, he is waiting for you to ask for his help.

I am not going to tell you today that if you will just ask God for help everything will be perfect. But I will tell you today that if you have the audacity to ask it, he has the ability to perform it. I do know that God wants to be a part of your life and goals, and when you put him in the middle of what your doing the impossible becomes possible because of God.

There is no prayer too big for God, no vision too sweeping, no risk too great. God has never been nervous about his ability to live up to your faith in him.

The measure of God’s abilities will always surpass the measure of our audacity to ask. So I challenge you today to be like Joshua and pray a sun-stand-still prayer that will change your life and your situation.

There is a good chance that your impossibility will become possible when you add God into the equation.

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