Bob Grubb: Bible relevant today |

Bob Grubb: Bible relevant today

To the editor:

On Tuesday morning, a few of us Christian crazies were reading our Bibles together in Psalms.

Many dismiss Bible reading and think it irrelevant for today. Much of this seems due to not putting it in historical context and not relating it to our time.

One of us was using a translation written to correlate with our times. When it was read, we did a double take and started chuckling. It fit so well with the current happenings in Washington, D.C.

Here it is, the first nine verses — justice. The high and mighty politicians don't even know meaning of the word.

Fairness? Which of you has any left? Not one. All your dealings are crooked, and you give justice in exchange for bribes.

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These men are born sinners, lying from their earliest words. They are as poisonous as deadly snakes, cobras that close their ears to the most expert of charmers.

Oh, God, break off their fangs. Tear out the teeth of these young lions, Lord. Let them disappear like water into thirsty ground. Make their weapons useless in their hands. Let them be as snails that dissolve into slime, and as those who die at birth, who never see the sun.

God will sweep away both old and young. He will destroy them more quickly than a cooking pot can feel the blazing fire of thorns beneath it.

I personally feel that if either side reached their goal without consideration of the other, they would ruin America. The Republicans through economic depression and the Democrats through economic inflation.

Who will survive? The debt free. In Romans 13:8: Pay all your debts except the debt of love for others — never finish paying that.

America is filled with idol worship (it's in the air).

Presently, the McDonalds discussion group that meets from 4 to 6 p.m. Sundays is discussing "Counterfeit Gods," by Tim Keller.

Look us up.

Bob Grubb

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