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At MCHS girls know how to tackle

The last time that a girl played on the Moffat County High School football team was 12 years ago. But that changed when senior Kelsea DeBowes joined the team this year. DeBowes loves to play football, however wrestling is her favorite sport. Last year, she started to play for Hayden High School but quit after only a few weeks.

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Head coach blazes into season

Although head coaching for the Lady Dogs is new for Matt Ray, he brings years of experience to the table. "I was the head coach for Hayden for three years until I came to Craig, and I was the JV and freshman coach for nine years. This is my second year as head coach for Craig," said Ray. That is almost 15 years of experience that Ray has brought to his new team.

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Contrary to popular belief

Most people perceive cheerleaders in a stereotypical fashion as dumb blonde barbies and drama queens. "I think that it is definitely a misconception and I think that if people would take the time to observe and understand the components in cheerleading they would realize that it is a sport," said coach Jennifer Vallem. Contrary to popular belief, the cheerleaders are actually extremely athletic.

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Girls swim team: five to one

The Moffat County girl's swim team kicks off their season this month. They have an initial meeting the 8th. Practice will begin the following Monday. Junior Hannah Kirk described our team as, "absolutely tiny." Last year, they had a total of eleven girls on the team. This year, they have an estimated twenty. The girls compete against teams with up to 80 girls.

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MCHS honors those who served

On November 11th, Moffat County High School took a full day to honor those who have and still are sacrificing their lives for our freedom. The day began with an assembly where the band performed "The Armed Forces Salute" and the choir sang, "Song for an Unsung Hero." Directly after, a panel of local veterans took the stage and answered questions from both students and teachers. Questions ranged from what combat was like, to how it felt living without family.

Arts and sports made even

In recent years, sports have been somewhat of a pride and joy for Moffat County High School. Football, volleyball, cross-country, basketball, track, swimming, and many more of the sports offered at MCHS are extremely popular among the students. In fact, many of the students themselves are also well known throughout schools and around town.

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Brittany Madigan: Suffering from a severe case of senioritis

Being a senior in high school brings a lot of excitement and high expectations. At Moffat County High School, being a senior means being top dog on campus, owning the best parking spots in the parking lot, getting off-campus lunches, enduring the “easy” schedule, and of course trying to withstand the anticipation of graduation. What a lot of people don’t realize though, there are two sides to the last year of high school.

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Shopping for schools

High school students all over the nation are currently worried about the application process. Several high school seniors will or are applying and juniors are preparing to apply next year. There are certain tips and tricks that will make this application process easier. The application process is the largest topic of the senior parent meetings on the 11th and 12th of October.

Red Hot run

The almost 30 year run of The Red Hot Chili Peppers has covered all different types of musical genres. From beginnings in a mixture of funk and punk seen in their first album Freaky Styley, to pop driven melodies in their last album Stadium Arcadium, the growth of the band is undeniable.

How do you feel about the new tardy policy at MCHS?

Freshman Trey Choice: "It is good because it does gets us to class on time." Sophomore Caitlin Harjes: "It has it's flaws, but it works."

Brittany Madigan: New tardy policy sweeps up students

“A new school year” isn’t just a short phrase students in school use to explain the fact that summer vacation is nearing a close. Talk of the new school year could be the way a student expresses their excitement of being able to make new friends, it could be the considered thought of achieving new goals at school, or even the anticipation of the new trials and errors that are going to be made throughout the next nine months.

Students desperate for more lunch time

Racing up the hill, knowing that they will only have ten minutes left to eat lunch, and end up cursing the long the line at Subway or McDonalds; that is how several of the juniors and seniors who attend Moffat County High School go through the process of getting back to school after going out for lunch.

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The Game

On Friday October 7, the homecoming football game took place between MCHS and Glenwood Springs at the Bulldog Proving Grounds. These two teams have battled eight times in the last eight years. Although it was cold, the turnout was huge and people were bundled to keep warm.

The Parade

On Friday October 7, the annual homecoming parade took place between Craig City Park and Sandrock Ridge Care Center. Preparation for the biggest parade in Moffat County started in the end of August. Delaine Brown, Student Council Advisor said that candy would not be thrown.

The Dance

Moffat County High School students don't get very many chances to dress up. Last Saturday night, they got that rare opportunity and they made the most of it. The girls wore dresses with high heels (that came off as soon as they hit the dance floor), while some of the guys were outfitted in tuxedoes and dress shoes.

A new mindset

This year Moffat County High School has three new teachers: Mrs. Kartus, Ms. Jarvis, and Mrs. Reyes. All three are happy to be here. They are impressed with the town of Craig and the district. Mrs. Kartus, the new history and government teacher, moved to Steamboat Springs from Littleton, Colorado.