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Key Club helps out community during the holidays

The holidays are a joyful time of year, especially for the community of Moffat County and the high school’s Key Club students. The Key Club came to help the Moffat County area and those in need. From sleigh rides for the family to giving toys to little kids, Key Club has participated in numerous activities over the years. Students sign up for activities that Mrs. Morris, Key Club director, offers. Over the years, numerous Key Club members have reached out to the community.

SRO's making a difference in student's lives

Not very many Moffat County High School students realize what a school resource officer does. Junior Ben East doesn’t even know what they are. Freshman Laura Secules likes to chat with them every now and then at the police station, but she doesn’t know them on more than a personal level. Student Resource Officer Norm Rimmer says they actually have really good relationships with students. “Our number one priority is to be a good mentor to kids,” he said. Rimmer and Student Resource Officer Tony Gianetti likes to interact with students in the hallways. They also like to hang out with kids at lunch. This way they can build better relationships.

Athletes perform on and off the mat

Eligibility seems to be easily forgotten by the fans of high school sports. Amid the hard work that athletes do and the excitement of the games, the players' grades aren't often thought of. The Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA) rules state that the minimum requirements for eligibility is if a student has two F's by the time eligibility check comes, they are out of any practices and competitions for the rest of that week.

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Young, diverse wrestling team builds experience for state

The Moffat County wrestling team is a little different this year. Freshman Ashlee Griffiths, the only female wrestler, has joined the team. Griffiths says, “When I started on the team it was a little weird but it turned out to be a big family. I was accepted to the team because they knew I was here to stay.” Her brother, Charlie Griffiths, also wrestled for the team in the 2010-2011 school year. Ashlee Griffiths started wrestling when she was five years old on a traveling team. As for how she got started, Griffiths said, “My brother was wrestling, so I just did it.”

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Winter sports fans lament lack of snow

Winter break – those two simple words are enough to get any high school student excited. Kids bounce off the walls during the holidays, and businesses are at their peaks supplying customers with necessities for their favorite winter pastimes. But this season seems to feel a bit different than the rest. As opposed to our usual 60-90 inches of snow, the average snowfall this year predicted by the National Weather Service is estimated to be only 43.5 inches. How is this affecting students at Moffat County High School, along with the rest of the community?

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Elder Scrolls' newest addition recieves 5 stars

One of the year’s most anticipated games, Skyrim, the fifth installment to the Elder Scrolls series, was released on Nov. 11, 2011 by Bethseda Game Studios. Stores held a midnight release that caused lines that were literally miles long in many places throughout the US. The cool release date, coupled with the rumors that the game would be even better than the last, it was a big hit for stores everywhere.

Zelda swings up to a whole new level

As far as video games go, no game has innovated the industry more then The Legend of Zelda. From the NES to the Wii, Zelda has captivated people generation to generation. The series made its trademark by putting the player into a landscape of the unknown, with only hints to start the player in the right direction. In many ways, it was the first attempt at a true adventure video game. Through past installments for every new Nintendo console, the Zelda series has managed to bring something new to the table every time. Take Ocarina of Time, A Zelda game for the N64 that was one of the first of it's kind with how it utilized 3D graphics. This innovation can be seen again in the newest Zelda game, Skyward Sword. The game uses the Wii Plus controller, a system that provides almost one-to-one motion. With this, the new game capitalizes on what Zelda has been known for - setting the standard for future games to come.

A Family Guy turns musical

Seth Macfarlane creator of the TV show Family Guy has released a vocal album

The theme song from the Fox cartoon Family Guy is recognizable to almost any teenager. The jazz and big band oriented music of the show normally take cues from old movies, musicals, and songs such as The Sound of Music or the musical style of Frank Sinatra. This genre of music is the showcase of Seth Macfarlane's first solo release album, Music is Better than Words. Macfarlane, along with being the mastermind behind the comedy of Family Guy, is also vocally trained and greatly inspired by old jazz standards and show tunes.

Actors give the inside look on musical life

Cast's acting background is presented

This year, the fast-paced rock musical Footloose will be presented to the public on November 17-19. The actors are excited for it to kick off. Mitch Romney, Travis Johnson and Emily Counts are three of the actors in the musical this year. Romney has played with the band in the pit and on stage as an actor. Romney prefers the stage, but he still helps the music department as a percussionist for the band.

Soundbytes: If your life could be like any movie or TV show, what would it be?

Soundbytes: If your life could be like any movie or TV show, what would it be?

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Not Your Regular Math Class

New Statistics Class Added at MCHS

Could you ever image a class bungee jumping Barbie’s off the second floor of the Moffat County High School? They are in the new statistics class taught by Ms. Kristin Ingalls. This is the first year the class has been offered. Ingalls said, "As a math department, we decided to add this class to give students another option."

Not just a word or just another term?

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Strict director, better performance

Heather Dahlberg's strict directing helps Footloose cast

Heather Dahlberg, director of this year's musical, Footloose, chose this specific play for two reasons. Last year's Sound of Music was very traditional. The slow, traditional music made Dahlberg realize a more contemporary musical would be better for the kids this year. The revision of the 80's movie Footloose came out only a couple weeks ago. "I thought we could use that as kind of a marketing tool," Dahlberg said.

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The Pit Loves Rock N' Roll

Bolton and the pit orchestra are adjusting to the Rock N' Roll genre for Footloose

and director John Bolton's eye for more professional band players is what makes the pit orchestra. The pit is made of band players that Bolton thinks have potential. The music they play is professional music - pieces big time musicians play. "It's definitely more advanced," said Nicole Ferree, a guitar player in the orchestra.

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SAFE works to solve abuse

The SAFE group is working to encourage healthy relationships among teens. To Carol Crossman, coordinator of the SAFE group, abusive dating behavior should never be the norm, but to some teens it is.

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DECA/FBLA working through budget cuts

To deal with budget cuts, competitions have been dropped

Budget cuts are effecting DECA/FBLA members very harshly. While their membership has nearly tripled, their budget has been cut recently. They have had to drop many competitions because they can't afford to attend. According to Krista Schenck adviser to both groups, students are also doing three times the amount of fundraising this year to keep up with the lack of funding.