Blevins: ‘No going back’ |

Blevins: ‘No going back’

To the editor:

There is no going back.

This is the 21st century. In this century, it is no longer acceptable to leave 20 or 30 million people without health care, even if there will be temporary problems in caring for them.

It is no longer reasonable to assume that capitalism is the opposite of socialism when a communist country has proven to be so capable at capitalism as to acquire a trillion dollars of our debt.

It is no longer possible to dismiss Islam as a strange and far away religion when there are a billion members.

They are on our TVs and Internet on a constant, real time basis, and every time we fill our gas tanks, the seat of that religion grows a bit richer.

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Having read the letter to the editor by John Williams and having heard the same thing in what must be thousands of political advertisements, I really have to point out the obvious.

There is no going back. The world of our Founding Fathers, and even the world of our grandfathers, is gone forever. We need to change to accommodate the changing world.

It is certain that president Barack Obama and the Democrats are not always making the best changes, but at least they are trying to change to accommodate the changing world.

It was a lack of regulation on the banks and mortgage traders that caused our current economic problems.

Reducing government regulation caused the problem — it is not always a good thing.

It is multi-national companies trying to improve the bottom line that ships jobs to countries with cheaper labor — letting business do its own thing is not always best for us.

Remember when you vote, that returning your world to what it was is not possible.

The best you can do is support those candidates that will change the country to best accommodate a changed and changing world.

Jim Blevins

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