Black Mountain Junior Rodeo Series kicks off today |

Black Mountain Junior Rodeo Series kicks off today

Pat Callahan

For the second year in a row, Black Mountain Junior Rodeo Series participants will be competing in break-away roping, goat tying, flag racing, barrel racing and pole bending.

The series will start anew at 6:30 p.m. today at the small arena located within the Moffat County Fairgrounds.

Series organizer Lorrae Moon said while the junior rodeo is geared for youth, the series is open to everyone.

“It’s a little junior rodeo that we’re doing as a series, which is mostly geared for the kids, but it’s geared from kids all the way up,” Moon said. “If there’s a parent or somebody that just wants to do some roping or something, we have the 18-and-over bracket, and they just come to have fun. We also have a nine-and-under bracket, and I think we’ve had some four-year-olds in there.”

Moon said the weekly series events, which do offer jackpot money, typically average 30 contestants, with that number reaching as high as 42 on good nights.

However, this series, Moon said, differs from most rodeo competitions in several significant ways.

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“The thing that we hope to always maintain is that this is a confidence builder, it should be fun, it should be a social-type of thing,” Moon said. “It’s something that kids can come and do with other kids that like doing things on horses, too. It’s just kind of a good gathering every Wednesday night.”

Moon said events are competitive in the sense that jackpot money is awarded each night, “but we don’t necessarily keep track of points or anything like that.”

“If a kid comes out and attends nine out of 12 nights, they get an award at the end of the year regardless of how they did,” Moon said.

Moon said that half of all the jackpot money and all membership fees go into a “slush fund” that allows the organization to purchase additional awards.

“I think we gave out something like 28 horse blankets and 16 belt buckles,” Moon said. “We gave out a lot of awards. We probably gave out over $5,000 worth of awards to all the kids.

A $5 entry fee is required for all events, with an additional $3 and $4 fixed stock charge for break-away roping and goat tying.

Those interested in joining the series or for more information, contact Moon at 824-9568 or show up on Wednesday nights.

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