Billie Chase: Appreciate hard work |

Billie Chase: Appreciate hard work

To the editor:

My family and I would really like to thank Andy and Jolene Keith, Toni, Buffi and Tammi Birch and her 4-H group (the Colts and Fillies) and the entire Murdoch's staff for the great time Saturday. This 4-H group did a great job of serving up the cheeseburgers and keeping the long lines going.

Kudos to you all.

My family,, while enjoying this good food, visiting with friends and enjoying the Murdoch sales, was really disappointed by some of the comments we heard from some of our local residents there for the barbecue.

There were some who were upset because of the lack of fixings for the burgers.

Really, people?

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This was a barbecue to help raise money for a hard-working group of young people in our community. What did your really expect for 25 cents? You should feel lucky — you normally couldn't even get a slice of cheese for that amount.

And, griping because they ran out of buns?

They sent someone to pick up more and they did so as quickly as they could. This group of young people served a lot of cheeseburgers in a short amount of time to a whole lot of people.

They all were very friendly and helpful all the while keeping smiles on their faces.

Next time, please try and remember why these young people do this.

Enjoy the food without griping.

I apologize to this group of young people for the lack of understanding and pettiness of some people there, but please know that myself and my entire family appreciated your hard work and willingness to do this.

Billie Chase

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