Bill Snare: US can be great again |

Bill Snare: US can be great again

To the editor:

Today, as a nation, we are in trouble and our higher up elected officials can't understand why.

We were once the greatest industrial nation in the world. Being so, we were the envy of the world. We were respected, feared and looked up to. At that time, it seemed everyone in the world wanted to come to America.

They wanted a piece of the dream we Americans took for granted. Yet today, we Americans have seen the dreams fade away. We are harnessed by rules and regulations that prevent us from being free and living that dream that meant so much.

America has become what it is today because the American people, have sat back and watched it happen.

With the creation of the EnvironĀ­menĀ­tal Protection Agency, we have watched as they regulated our industries clear out of the country.

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Thus, we can no longer dig for gold, cut down a tree, build a road or drill a well without permission and permits, which are almost impossible to get. The spotted owl, black-footed ferret, prairie dog, wolves and endangered fish have become more important than America freedom, as well as the livelihood of the American worker.

Today, the EPA is working to push out the coal industry, oil and gas, and our last major industry, agriculture. They believe a clean America is a healthy America.

China and other industrial nations have taken the role of great industrial nations, while we sit and watch.

America can be great again, but we have to do it with long-term jobs that produce something that America and the rest of the world can use.

We must bring back steel mills, factories of all sorts and, if need be, protect the environment with stimulus money. We cannot cure an ailing America with part-time stimulus supported jobs. They produce nothing.

If we bring back those jobs that once made us great (and which are now making China great), we can pay to repair our highways and improve our environment with payroll taxes from these millions of jobs.

We must also eliminate work visas for foreign workers to come and take jobs we don't have enough of for our own people.

We must create and support new political parties. The democrats and republicans have become a crutch for America. Elected officials from both parties take orders from party leaders and not the American people.

During the presidential campaign, the present administration said we need change. Change from what?

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden have a combined decision-making history of more than 40 years for our country. Their decision-making is what helped put our country where it is today, and it's getting worse.

Yes, the republicans are just as bad.

In the elections to come, we must vote for anyone but a democrat or republican. Then we can send a clear message to our leaders that we are fed up with their flaws, bickering and out-of-control spending.

Bill Snare

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