Bill Johnston: Thanks to those who helped Craig Fire/Rescue |

Bill Johnston: Thanks to those who helped Craig Fire/Rescue

To the editor:

Craig Fire/Rescue takes a lot of pride in the services that we provide to our community as a part-time fire department with firefighters who all have full-time employment in addition to our fire department responsibilities. But, there are always the calls that simply wouldn't be as successful without the support of our generous community and neighboring communities.

On Oct. 21, Craig Fire/Rescue was called to battle a large structure fire at the Craig Motel. During the fire, which lasted several hours, many incredible people stepped in to help our fire department.

Special thanks to Marsha DeWall and Kum & Go for supplying my firefighters with endless food and water. We didn't ask, she just anticipated our needs and took exceptional care of us. Thank you to the Craig Police Department, Moffat County Sheriff's Office, Colorado State Patrol, City of Craig Road and Bridge and Colorado Department of Transportation for doing their part to assist us in any way possible and managing the public and traffic so that we could focus on the task at hand.

Thank you also to McDonald's and JW Snacks, who both offered their support if needed.

Thank you to the wives and significant others of our firefighters who dropped what they were doing to come to the scene and help us change air packs, rehab our firefighters and offer support and assistance in any way possible.

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Thank you to The Memorial Hospital EMS for their vigilance in monitoring the safety and well-being of our firefighters and for helping us to ensure a stressful and strenuous fire call free of medical emergencies.

Thank you to West Routt Fire & Rescue for the continued support of Craig Fire/Rescue and for responding to our call for help.

After several hours of battling the fire, it became clear that my firefighters were not getting proper rest and rehabilitation and that simple tasks would not be completed safely without additional manpower. West Routt Fire responded to our call for help immediately with an engine and a second crew to assist our firefighters.

We don't call each other often, but when we do, it's comforting to know that they are always ready to assist.

We are proud to serve our community and are thankful that we receive so much support in return.

Bill Johnston, Craig Fire/Rescue chief

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