Bike to Work Day scheduled for Wednesday in Colorado |

Bike to Work Day scheduled for Wednesday in Colorado

Jon Libid

The Colorado Department of Transportation is encouraging commuters to trade in engine-powered four-wheelers for human-powered two-wheelers on Wednesday for Bike to Work Day.

“Many people seem to overlook the tremendous benefits bicycling offers, not only to individuals but the environment as well,” said Gay Page of CDOT. “In the big picture, cycling can help minimize the impacts of growth many parts of the state are experiencing.”

The CDOT has sponsored Colorado Bike Month for more than 13 years, with more than 20,000 cyclists participating last year. CDOT even compiled statistics on what would happen if one-fourth of the state’s population replaced a 10-mile automobile trip per year with a bicycle ride: 500,000 gallons of gasoline saved; $950,000 saved on gasoline at $1.90 per gallon; 328,000 fewer pounds of carbon monoxide; 43,000 fewer pounds of nitrous oxides; and 39,000 fewer pounds of hydrocarbons.

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