Betty Gorbet: Not giving up on deer |

Betty Gorbet: Not giving up on deer

To the editor:

I attended the Craig City Council meeting last Tuesday and I must say that I was very disappointed.

How can the mayor of this town be so arrogant to think that he has heard all of our concerns or ideas?

I know he has definitely not heard mine.

Not once did I hear the word repellant. I did some research through wildlife management in other states that have the same concerns we are having. There is a repellant by the name of Deer Away, and it is said to be 85 to 100 percent effective.

They make it in both an area repellant and also as a contact repellant. It can also be used on edible plants. It is $35 per gallon.

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So, why doesn't the city invest in a quantity of this repellant and have the people who are having the problems with our vicious deer go to Craig City Hall and give their name and address?

That way, the city council can find out where the problem deer are and at the same time, maybe this so-called deer problem can be solved without the killing of innocent animals.

So, I don't think our mayor has heard anything except what he wants to hear.

And I would also like to know how the two citizens for protecting our deer are going to be selected. I personally volunteered to help with this project and have heard nothing more from anyone.

I will not give up trying to save our deer, and I will be heard.

Thank you.

Betty Gorbet

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