2012 Best of Moffat County!


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Best of Moffat County: Dave Higgins wins best nurse

Dave Higgins is Moffat County's best nurse for the third year in a row, but that doesn't mean the designation has gone to his head.

List of winners for the 2013 Best of Moffat County

Check out the list of winners from this year's 2013 Best of Moffat County survey.

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Best of Moffat County: Technology and teeth

Dr. Dushan Voyich thinks people have some misconceptions about going to the dentist. “There’s a few things that everybody’s afraid of and that would be getting an injection and also drilling,” the 49-year-old Livingston, Mont. native said. However, as with most areas of medicine, Voyich, who was named top dentist in the Craig Daily Press’ Best of Moffat County contest, said new technology has made the process of maintaining dental health easier on the patient. Smaller-caliber needles and new delivery systems have eased the pains resulting from an injection, and the same kind of advances have been made in the area of drilling.

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Best of Moffat County: Delivering dreams

In 2000, Craig resident Dean Brosious was at a career crossroads. After graduating from the University of Wyoming with a bachelor's degree in business and economics, the Ralston, Wyo., native quickly found a job as a banker, a career that would transplant him from Powell, Wyo., through Glenwood Springs to Craig. However, after living in Craig for several years, the bank he was working at was sold, and after running a land title company for 10 years, Brosious, 60, who operates LPL Financial Services at 101 W. Victory Way, decided he wanted to help people manage their own money rather than lend it to them. “At the bank I would loan people money to try and start businesses and be able to buy the things they want to,” he said. “I’m at the opposite end of it now where they bring me money rather than me loaning them money.”

2011 Best of Moffat County winners

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More than a profession: Wayne Davis earns nod as Moffat County’s best veterinarian

While in college, Wayne Davis had a part-time job at a veterinary clinic and knew something was special about the work he was doing. “With all the jobs I held between high school and college, everything was always interesting at first, but then got boring,” Davis said. “When I started working with veterinary medicine, I knew it would never get boring.” Davis, owner of the Craig Veterinary Hospital, 73 Commerce St., was voted best veterinarian in the Craig Daily Press’ 2011 Best of Moffat County contest.

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Art everywhere through these eyes: Moffat County’s best artist sees the world in a different light

A splash of red, a scribble of green, a speck of purple. That’s how some might see a painting if they stared at it from an inch away. Local artist Nini Shroyer views it in reverse. Shroyer, winner of best artist in the Craig Daily Press’ 2011 Best of Moffat County contest, paints according to how she views the world, in terms of color, and how it forms objects in reality.

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Hair or there: Best hairstylist brings worldly style to local salon

Kelsey Bauman had plans to become a physical therapist, but a key part of the job didn’t appeal to her. “I decided that I wanted to make people feel better not put them in pain,” she said. The decision to choose another line of work has paid off. Bauman won best hairstylist in the Craig Daily Press’ 2011 Best of Moffat County contest.

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I’ll take ‘anxiety’ for $800, Alex: One man’s musing on attempted game show stardom

What is a dream? For some people that may be a question, but for me it’s the answer, or at least the way it has to be phrased. Let me elaborate. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a knack for retaining trivia tidbits, layer upon layer of informational items useful to some — or no one — depending on how much or little they need to know about a given subject.

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M2 Minute with Janet Sheridan: Columnist pays tribute to rodeo cowpokes

I admire the daring and skill of those who rodeo, especially the students who competed in the Colorado State High School Rodeo finals and the Little Britches Rodeo hosted by Craig this year. I never had their ability, but I did have a passion for mounting up and heading out, as illustrated by the following cowboy poem I penned.

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Laid-back Loudy: Readers peg Loudy-Simpson Park as Moffat County’s best recreation spot

When Tammy Seela pulls into Loudy-Simpson Park at 5 a.m. every morning, it comes as no surprise to her to see people out and about. Seela, Moffat County’s parks and recreation manager, said people are constantly walking the trails, enjoying the picnic area, or exercising their dogs at the park.

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‘Care about your clients’: Kim Cox voted Moffat County’s best Realtor

When Scott and Robyn Kitchen have a home to sell, they know just who to call — longtime friend and Craig Realtor Kim Cox, who has helped them sell two homes in less-than-ideal markets. “There wasn’t anything she couldn’t do, no question she couldn’t answer,” Robyn said of her experiences with Cox.

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Providing Craig with the creature comforts: Readers select Furniture Gallery of Craig as best store

As you enter the doors of Furniture Gallery of Craig, you can expect to be greeted with some easy listening Muzak and a serene forest décor. You can plop down in a sofa or curl up on one of the store’s mattresses. And, if one of the staff members hasn’t approached you yet, they’ll be more than ready once you’re prepared to start checking prices on the furnishings you need in your home.

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‘Top of our list’: Customer service leads MJK to multiple 2011 Best of Moffat County awards

For Lonnie Kawcak and his family, running MJK Sales and Hardware boils down to one thing — customer service. “We want to treat people the way that we want to be treated, said Lonnie, 59. “We have about 25 people on staff any given day and they all concentrate on giving great customer service.” Lonnie, his wife Lorraine and their sons Blake and Blaine own and operate MJK on Ranney Street.

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‘A good challenge’: Best accountant Don Jones a numbers man through and through

Don Jones has known since high school what he wanted to do. At his recent 20-year high school reunion, he was reminded from his yearbook that he knew he wanted to be a “successful accountant in the business world.” Now the owner of Jones & Associates, Inc., public accounting firm is celebrating the success of being voted best accountant in the Craig Daily Press’ Best of Moffat County contest.