2012 Best of Moffat County!


Renee Campbell: Congratulations, winners

We are excited to present to you the 2014 Best of Moffat County!

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Best of Moffat County: Double Barrel Steakhouse wins best place to work with under 20 employees

The restaurant which has been in Craig for almost 11 months after moving from Hayden is the best place to work in Moffat County with under 20 employees.

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Best of Moffat County: Wyman's Museum wins best tourist attraction

The Wyman Museum was voted the best tourist attraction by local residens of Moffat County for 2013.

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Best of Moffat County: O.P. Bar & Grill wins best hamburger

O.P. Bar & Grill is not in the business of making “tiny, wimpy burgers.” Instead, the Craig restaurant boasts big and savory mouth-watering burgers that won the best hamburger in Moffat County.

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Best of Moffat County: Cornerstone Realty wins Best Real Estate Agency

When you walk into Cornerstone Realty in Craig, it’s as if a bright light shines down upon you.

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Best of Moffat County: Lorrae Moon wins best school bus driver

Lorrae Moon is the proud, admittedly over-protective mother of three boys, but she has oodles of other kids. Bus-loads of them, in fact.

Renee Campbell: Thanks for participating in this year's Best of Moffat County

We are excited to present to you the 2013 Best of Moffat County.

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Best of Moffat County: Dave Higgins wins best nurse

Dave Higgins is Moffat County's best nurse for the third year in a row, but that doesn't mean the designation has gone to his head.

List of winners for the 2013 Best of Moffat County

Check out the list of winners from this year's 2013 Best of Moffat County survey.

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Best of Moffat County: Technology and teeth

Dr. Dushan Voyich thinks people have some misconceptions about going to the dentist. “There’s a few things that everybody’s afraid of and that would be getting an injection and also drilling,” the 49-year-old Livingston, Mont. native said. However, as with most areas of medicine, Voyich, who was named top dentist in the Craig Daily Press’ Best of Moffat County contest, said new technology has made the process of maintaining dental health easier on the patient. Smaller-caliber needles and new delivery systems have eased the pains resulting from an injection, and the same kind of advances have been made in the area of drilling.

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Best of Moffat County: Delivering dreams

In 2000, Craig resident Dean Brosious was at a career crossroads. After graduating from the University of Wyoming with a bachelor's degree in business and economics, the Ralston, Wyo., native quickly found a job as a banker, a career that would transplant him from Powell, Wyo., through Glenwood Springs to Craig. However, after living in Craig for several years, the bank he was working at was sold, and after running a land title company for 10 years, Brosious, 60, who operates LPL Financial Services at 101 W. Victory Way, decided he wanted to help people manage their own money rather than lend it to them. “At the bank I would loan people money to try and start businesses and be able to buy the things they want to,” he said. “I’m at the opposite end of it now where they bring me money rather than me loaning them money.”

2011 Best of Moffat County winners

... as voted on by Craig Daily Press readers

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More than a profession: Wayne Davis earns nod as Moffat County’s best veterinarian

While in college, Wayne Davis had a part-time job at a veterinary clinic and knew something was special about the work he was doing. “With all the jobs I held between high school and college, everything was always interesting at first, but then got boring,” Davis said. “When I started working with veterinary medicine, I knew it would never get boring.” Davis, owner of the Craig Veterinary Hospital, 73 Commerce St., was voted best veterinarian in the Craig Daily Press’ 2011 Best of Moffat County contest.

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Art everywhere through these eyes: Moffat County’s best artist sees the world in a different light

A splash of red, a scribble of green, a speck of purple. That’s how some might see a painting if they stared at it from an inch away. Local artist Nini Shroyer views it in reverse. Shroyer, winner of best artist in the Craig Daily Press’ 2011 Best of Moffat County contest, paints according to how she views the world, in terms of color, and how it forms objects in reality.

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Hair or there: Best hairstylist brings worldly style to local salon

Kelsey Bauman had plans to become a physical therapist, but a key part of the job didn’t appeal to her. “I decided that I wanted to make people feel better not put them in pain,” she said. The decision to choose another line of work has paid off. Bauman won best hairstylist in the Craig Daily Press’ 2011 Best of Moffat County contest.