Behind the lanes at Thunder Rolls Bowling Center |

Behind the lanes at Thunder Rolls Bowling Center

Shawn McHugh

Darwin Forquer, head of maintenance at Thunder Rolls Bowling Center, stands beside the end of the bowling lane Tuesday night in the back room. Forquer is in charge of making sure all the pin settings and ball-returning mechanisms are operable. He has held the responsibilities for the business since it opened in 2005.

This edition of Communities at Work gives a glimpse into the inner workings behind the lanes at Thunder Rolls Bowling Center.

Darwin Forquer has served as the bowling center's head of maintenance since it opened in 2005 and oversees the mechanics and assistants working on the machines that put the pins in place and return bowling balls to players.

The complex machines rake pins left standing into the back of the lane, where a shaker brings the pins and ball into separate tracks. The ball is then sent back and the pins are reset in place for the next frame.

The maintenance crew must diagnose any problems throughout the system and quickly make repairs to accommodate Moffat County's bowling community.

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