Beauty Tip: Chapped lips strike during cold, dry weather |

Beauty Tip: Chapped lips strike during cold, dry weather

Craig Daily Press Staff Report

Chapped lips are painful and uncomfortable, making it difficult to eat food, drive beverages and talk. As the weather continues to get colder and dryer, the chances of dealing with chapped lips increases.

So what are the best remedies for chapped lips?

First and foremost, be sure and drink enough water to stay hydrated. Second, be sure and use the proper lip balm, chapstick or moisturizer to help protect and heal your lips.

According to, using lib balm is an excellent way to help treat dry, itchy and flaky lips.

“A good balm can buffer your delicate lip skin from the elements. Choose one high in emollients. Check the ingredient list for petrolatum, which locks in moisture, and dimethicone, which seals off cracks and splits in drying lips. Don't limit yourself to products with the word balm in them, either. Lip ointments are just as good a choice,” stated the website.

Also, apply lip balm often.

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