Beard: Fair not fair at all |

Beard: Fair not fair at all

To the editor:

Well, it's interesting living in Moffat County.

It seems if you're not a rancher or socialite, your interests are of no concern. In my mind, the definition of a fair was big boys and lads showing all their livestock, and they had challenges showing all their new expertise. And, they exchanged new methods for the farm.

The ladies and young women baked, cooked, sewed and proudly displayed for all to see.

However, not in Moffat County.

We can fold our crocheting in a small square and place it in a corner, and, as of this year, it's the same for quilts.

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Next year, I'm betting the cooking is cut out due to a little spill on the floor of the Moffat County Pavilion, which was repaired by the county.

The fair has been declining here for years due to poor judging and lack of enthusiasm being shown in open class.

Well, enjoy your pavilion and all the ranching events. Remember that for the men and lads there are women and girls behind them, and it doesn't take long for us to find other entertainment besides the fair that all members of the family enjoy.

Irene Beard

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