Bassett: Adventures in summer fun |

Bassett: Adventures in summer fun

Hoooo boy!

Summer finally got here and there ain't nobody happier than me over that fact. No more sitting in front of the stove, drinking hot tea, wrapped in a blanket with a heating pad in my lap shivering like a dog eatin' razorblades.

Yeppers, I do love the sun and the warmth.

Well, except for the mosquitoes. Yeah, they came back and brought every single relative they could find. But, I'll fool them little suckers — I just won't go outside at night.

Grandma was sitting on the porch the other day complaining how they were trying to stick their little vacuum hoses in her shirt and not having much luck.

So, I was sitting here today thinking about all the fun stuff that has happened in summers gone by and I gotta tell you, there's been a heap a fun. This just goes to show you that life doesn't have to be boring and all you need is a little thinking hat perched on top of your head and you are good to go!

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I remember back when some of the neighbors wanted to go for a ride up to the top of the mountain. I'm always ready for riding in the mountains because you just never know what you are gonna see or do. I like the spur of the moment stuff because it keeps life interesting.

We packed up a lunch, some snacks, some cold drinks, loaded the truck … went back in the house and got more snacks … because everyone knows the mountain air just keeps you hungrier than what is normal and, oh yeah, there was the camera. Can't forget that. And, when the neighbors arrived we all hopped in one truck and away we went for a day of adventure.

We drove and then we'd hike and look at stuff and take pictures and it was a beautiful day inside and out.

While we were hiking along one area, we came across a place where some hunters had gotten some elk and cut the legs and heads off and left them there. I'm telling you, all those body parts were just laying there doing nobody no good.

At least we could add some laughter into the mix.

So, I laid out a little rectangle, and stuck a leg in each corner and then set the head on one end.

Now it was funny and everyone could enjoy the laughs. It looked just like an elk laying there with the feet up in the air. Of course, everyone else got the groove and did the same with the other body parts and we had a regular old elk gathering. One gal even picked a bunch of wildflowers and put by each head.

It was a pure work of art. So we got our pictures, enjoyed the moment and proceeded on to our next adventure.

Another time we rounded a corner just in time to see another neighbor friend of ours who was … out practicing with his bow by shooting at another neighbor's cows with judo points.

Its sort of amusing how some cows don't particularly care to have a judo point attacking their rib cage area and one particular cow decided she'd had just about enough out of this Robin Hood character so she was after his hiney.

Our friend John saw us come around the corner and he came on a dead run yelling, "Don't stop … keep driving."

We laughed so hard we got belly aches. John made it into the bed of the truck in one leap. One never knew what John was going to do next so he was always good for a laugh or two.

One other time he invited us up to the mountain for a steak fry. He wouldn't hear of us bringing anything because he wanted to cook the whole meal by himself. We got up there only to find he didn't have any pans or anything to cook with.

All he had was a pile of steaks. It was quite a feast once he lit a whole tree on fire, stuck a steak on a stick and hung it in the tree.

I was horrified and wondered how long it was going to take for the tree to catch the whole mountain on fire and then we'd all be in big trouble.

But, mission accomplished, and we went home full of meat and memories.

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