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Bad Dogs wrestling program seeing positive results early in season

Results …

The Craig Bad Dogs youth wrestling team’s top placers at Saturday’s Bad Dogs Rumble at Moffat County High School:

(Name — place — record)

• Issac Boulger — 1 — 4-0

• Colton Burke — 1 — 2-0

• Daniel Caddy — 1 — 3-0

• Jesus Duarte — 1 — 3-0

• Sebastian Duarte — 1 — 2-0

• Ethan Hafey — 1 — 5-0

• Ian Hafey — 1 — 2-0

• Kaden Hafey — 1 — 5-0

• Mikinzie Klimper — 1 — 5-0

• Drew Rothermund — 1 — 2-0

• Laaden Rothermund — 1 — 5-0

• Dagan White — 1 — 3-0

• Isiah Herod — 2 — 4-1

• Ivin Herod — 2 — 2-1

• Deven Mosman — 2 — 2-1

• Devlyn Mosman — 2 — 4-1

• Noah Duran — 3 — 1-2

• Anthony Duran — 3 — 1-2

• Ty Pinnit — 3 — 3-3

• Blake Jurgens — 4 — 0-4

• Matthew Moschetti — 4 — 0-3

• Ethan Powers — 4 — 2-3

The Craig Bad Dogs youth wrestling team’s top placers at Sunday’s meet in Steamboat Springs:

• Colton Burke — 1 — 3-0

• Anthony Duran — 1 — 2-1

• Mikinzie Klimper — 1 — 3-0

• Laaden Rothermund — 1 — 2-0

• Drew Rothermund — 2 — 2-1

• Issac Boulger — 3 — 2-2

• Daniel Caddy — 3 — 1-2

• Noah Duran — 3 — 1-2

• Tyler Fortune — 3 — 1-2

After a successful opening weekend on the wrestling mat Oct. 29 in Kremmling, Mikinzie Klimper went home with a 4-0 record and two first-place finishes.

On Saturday, Klimper kept his streak going, taking first place with a 5-0 record at the Bad Dogs Rumble at Moffat County High School.

The next day, Klimper beat all his opponents again on way to a 3-0 record in Steamboat Springs.

"I think I competed pretty good this weekend," Klimper said. "I was able to shoot pretty good, and my takedowns took down my opponents hard."

Klimper, who wrestles in the 12 and under class, was just one of many Craig Bad Dogs to take first place this weekend in Craig and Steamboat.

At the Bad Dogs Rumble, 12 Bad Dog wrestlers took first — Issac Boulger, Colton Burke, Daniel Caddy, Jesus Duarte, Sebastian Duarte, Ethan Hafey, Ian Hafey, Kaden Hafey, Klimper, Drew Rothermund, Laaden Rothermund and Dagan White.

In Steamboat, four out of the nine Bad Dogs wrestlers placed first — Burke, Anthony Duran, Klimper and Laaden.

"The kids wrestled really good for being early in the season," coach Shane Hadley said. "A lot of our new wrestlers did things we had just taught them, which was great. The kids who have been wrestling for a long time competed well and stepped up."

Klimper said his advantage over his opponents on the mat is his technique.

"I know more moves than most of my opponents," he said. "If I miss something, I can go directly to the next move if I have to."

Jesus, who competes in the 14 and under division, had a 3-0 record in Craig, including two victories by pin.

"I just try to pin everyone and I have been able to with the cow catcher," he said. "If I do go to the late rounds, I just make sure I never give up."

White, who posted a 3-0 record in the 10 and under division, said his go-to move this weekend was the three-quarters stack.

"I have pinned a lot of kids with the three-quarters stack and it is a fun move to do," he said. "When my opponents get on their knees, that is the first move I look to do."

Hadley said the Bad Dogs have 50 kids competing this year.

While the team does have a lot of experienced wrestlers, Hadley said when the season starts they always begin with the basics.

"If a kid does something incorrectly, it can become a trend and then a habit and then they always do it," he said. "We want to make sure they have the fundamentals to start off things right and then move onto more advanced moves."

Another key aspect early on is conditioning, Hadley said.

Many of the kids played football either in Doak Walker or at Craig Middle School, but Hadley said the conditioning is different for the two sports.

"They think they are in good shape until the first day of practice," he said. "Rolling around on the mat for 2 hours straight is not the same as going for short burst in football."

With so many wrestlers, Hadley said the team is blessed to have 15 coaches, making the wrestler to coach ratio about three to one.

"Some teams have maybe one coach and one high school wrestler trying to control 50 wrestlers and it is chaos," he said. "With the support of so many parents, it is just like the teacher and student relationship. We can focus more on each wrestler more and they can learn easier."

The Bad Dogs will compete next in the Bald Eagle Tournament on Nov. 19 in Gypsum.

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