Bad Dogs rumble at home |

Bad Dogs rumble at home

Winter Rumble sees more than 200 youth wrestlers fill MCHS gym

Ben Bulkeley

Wrestling at home can have its advantages.

On Saturday, Dajia Lewis got to find out for herself.

Competing in the Craig Bad Dogs Winter Rumble, Lewis grappled her way to a 3-2 record and a third-place finish.

Being in front of more than 200 fans certainly helped.

"I liked it," Dajia said. "It felt pretty good, especially when everyone was congratulating me."

Craig Bad Dogs fans certainly had a lot to cheer during the lone home meet of the winter.

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More than 200 wrestlers, ages 4- to 14-years-old, found their way to the mat Saturday at Moffat County High Schol.

The Bad Dogs wrestled their way to a 100-68 overall record, with 24 pins, 10 first-place trophies, 12 second-place trophies and nine third-place trophies.

Part of Dajia's success could be because she wrestles mostly boys.

"My mom said girls are more aggressive," she said. "That makes girls harder to wrestle against."

The Bad Dogs capped a Yampa Valley weekend with Sunday's wrestling tournament in Steamboat Springs.

Wrestler Cody Pleasant didn't have a lot of success on the mat Saturday at home, but he refused to let it keep him down.

"I lost all my matches but still finished fourth," he said. "I'm a rookie. I've only been wrestling for one year."

Cody said he doesn't expect to finish first in his weight class this year, but hopes to win some matches.

"I've had a great year at practice, I've learned a lot of great things," he said. "I just want to win."

Although the Steamboat Springs wrestling tournament was not as successful as the home meet, the Bad Dogs were able to produce some wins.

With freezing temperatures and snow blizzards shelling the area, a small band of Bad Dogs had 10 first-place finishes, seven second-place finishes and four third-place finishes.

The Steamboat Springs tournament was also the end of the Intermountain League tournaments.

Through six tournaments, Mikinzie Klimper managed to go undefeated, posting an 18-0 record with 10 pins.

Shandon Hadley also tore up the Intermountain League, posting a 21-1 record with 12 pins.

Other notable wrestlers included Ethan Powers (16-3, 11 pins), Laaden Rothermund (14-3, 2), Mathew Moschetti (17-2, 2), Daniel Caddy (10-0, 3), Ashlee Griffiths (16-2, 11), Gregory Hixson (19-2, 12) and Kaden Hixson (16-2, 6).

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Youth wrestling results

Bad Dogs youth wrestling results from Saturday’s Bad Dogs Winter Rumble at Moffat County High School and Sunday’s wrestling tournament in Steamboat Springs.

Name Winter Rumble Steamboat


Tristen Bailey 0-2:0:3

Cody Baker 2-4:0:5 1-1:0:2

Thomas Baker 1-3:0:5 1-2:0:4

Mikey Bingham 2-1:1:2 1-2:0:3

Spencer Brown 5-0:1:1 2-1:0:2

Daniel Caddy 5-0:2:1

Jesus Duarte 0-2:0:3

Ruben Duarte 0-3:0:4 0-3:0:4

Anthony Duran 3-1:0:2

Lane Gonzalez 2-2:0:3

Ashlee Griffiths 0-0:0:0 5-0:4:1

Shandon Hadley 4-1:0:2 4-0:4:1

Kaden Hafey 1-3:1:4

Logan Hafey 2-2:1:3

Colton Hall 4-0:1:1

Daniel Harding 0-1:0

Hugo Hernandez 0-2:0:3 1-4:0:5

Isiaih Herod 3-1:0:2 3-0:3:1

Issik Herod 2-3:1:4 1-2:1:2

Ivin Herod 1-4:0:5 0-3:0:4

Gregory Hixson 3-0:0:1 3-0:2:1

Kaden Hixson 3-0:0:1 4-0:3:1

Mikinzie Klimper 3-0:2:1 3-0:0:1

Dajia Lewis 3-2:0:3 0-3:0:4

Austin Magnuson 2-3:0:4 3-1:1:2

Chris Moschetti 4-1:1:2 3-0:1:1

Mathew Moschetti 3-1:0:2 3-0:1:1

Deven Mosman 4-0:0:1

Devlyn Mosman 2-2:1:3 1-2:0:3

Elias Peroulis 1-1:0:2

John Peroulis 0-3:0:4 0-3:0:4

Stelios Peroulis 1-3:0:4

Cody Pleasant 0-4:0:5 0-2:0:3

Luke Pleasant 4-0:3:1 3-0:1:1

Devon Pontine 3-1:0:3

Ethan Powers 5-0:4:1 1-1:0:2

Hunter Roberts 0-5:0:6 0-3:0:4

Tyler Roberts 2-1:2:2 2-1:0:2

Laaden Rothermund 3-0:0:1 3-0:0:1

Drew Rothermund 3-2:1:3 3-2:0:3

Chase Rule 4-1:0:2

Jake Shelton 4-1:1:2

TJ Shelton 3-1:1:2

Dagan White 3-1:0:2 2-1:1:2

Totals 100-68:24 48-37:22

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