Audrey Danner: Clearing up the rumor |

Audrey Danner: Clearing up the rumor

To the editor:

As a current Moffat County commissioner, I have served the citizens for 15 months with an emphasis on open communication, and I appreciate the improved relationships with the community and media.

This letter is to clarify the rumor that I was merely appointed and not elected and, therefore, subject to the Hatch Act.

That rumor began after the Moffat County attorney was gathering facts on a possible conflict of interest subject, and my campaign was in question.

I have received a response to my inquiry of the Hatch Act Unit concerning my ability to seek office for re-election even though I was appointed to an elective office.

The Hatch Act Unit response from the United States Office of Special Counsel notes that I am able to run for Moffat County commissioner, District 2.

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The unit wrote, "You are not prohibited from being a candidate for elective office if the position that caused you to be covered in the first place is an elective office. This is true even if you were originally appointed to the elective office. This exception to the Hatch Act can be found at 5 U.S.C. § 1502(c)(4)."

After consideration of other questions directed at the Craig Daily Press staff, I have written the OSC to clarify those questions.

This I know: Yampa Valley Partners did not receive federal grants, so my employment does not conflict with the Hatch Act.

In fact, my work at Yampa Valley Partners provided background for local and regional information that is helpful in my current commissioner role. I did not intend to influence any campaign by providing information to employees about the Hatch Act.

When I receive a response, I will be sharing that information with the public.

I am willing to provide the citizens of Moffat County a response to any question.

My request is that questions and comments be directed to me.

Audrey Danner

Moffat County commissioner, District 2

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