Attorneys accused of providing information |

Attorneys accused of providing information

Gary Salazar

District Attorney Paul McLimans has accused his former assistant, Charles Feldmann, of providing information to the defense team representing suspected murderer Thomas Lee Johnson.

In court documents filed this week, McLimans said he suspects Feldmann gave Norm Townsend, Johnson’s court-appointed attorney, sensitive information about the Grand, Routt and Moffat Narcotics Enforcement Team.

Feldmann’s attorney, Michael O’Hara, and Townsend deny the allegation.

Feldmann served as a deputy district attorney under McLimans for five years. He resigned in May, and an investigation into how he used a GRAMNET expense fund was launched soon after. Feldmann was the project director for GRAMNET.

McLimans’ allegation came in a response to a motion Townsend filed Monday seeking to have McLimans’ office removed as the prosecution in the Johnson case.

McLimans noted that when Feldmann left the district attorney’s office, he first consulted with Townsend about legal representation on the expense fund investigation.

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McLimans said it would be improper for Townsend to use information gained from those consultations in the Johnson murder case.

“The motion is not intended to criticize Charles Feldmann,” McLimans said. “Charles is the focus of an investigation as the GRAMNET project director. I would expect for Charles to talk to (Townsend) about GRAMNET.”

But O’Hara called McLimans’ accusation a stunt to do “more character assassination” of Feldmann.

Fifth Judicial District Attorney Michael Goodbee is investigating how Feldmann used the GRAMNET expense fund. No charges have been field against Feldmann.

In his response, McLimans notes Feldmann was involved in the Johnson case as a prosecutor for nearly a year, helping with strategic decisions and discussions of the case’s strengths and weaknesses.

McLimans alleges the motion Townsend filed Monday contained information about GRAMNET “which would appear could well have come from Feldmann,” records show.

In his motion, Townsend noted equipment for McLimans’ office has been purchased with GRAMNET funds.

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