Assessor, treasurer, coroner candidates await results in Moffat County |

Assessor, treasurer, coroner candidates await results in Moffat County

Brian Smith

Candidates for three contested Moffat County races — assessor, treasurer and coroner — are anxiously awaiting for voters to decide their political fates in today's Republican primary election.

The two candidates competing for the county assessor seat are deputy assessor Carol Scott and current county treasurer Robert Razzano.

Scott said she is somewhat nervous heading into the election because winning the race "is important to me."

More than anything, Scott said she is ready to know the outcome of the election.

"You get to the point where you are just ready because then you know," she said. "You are not in limbo anymore."

Scott said the last few months campaigning have been a "roller coaster."

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"Some days you are bolstered by the interaction you have with people during your campaign," she said. "Then, other days, you don't feel so upbeat and confident."

The campaign trail has been challenging, Scott said.

"I am not really a great public speaker, so each time I've had to do that, it's been a challenge," she said. "I would like to think that I got a little bit better each time but I'm not sure."

But, despite the nature of running for office, Scott said she is optimistic about her chances today.

Razzano, too, said he "feels good" heading into today's election.

"I have a lot of confidence in the voters to make the right decision," he said. "I feel good. At this point … I don't think you are going to sway a lot of people on the last day one way or the other."

Razzano said he has been a little nervous, but has done "everything that I could to run my campaign in a positive manner."

He used one word to describe the campaign trail over the last few months — busy.

"There is a lot of speaking appearances, a lot of door-to-door stuff, a lot of mailings," he said. "I have definitely been busy the last couple of months."

But, Razzano said he would respect the voters' decision no, matter the outcome.

"I just have a lot of confidence in the voters and whatever they decide, I am fine with that, (I) just appreciate all their support," he said.

Treasurer candidates weigh in on campaign

The two candidates competing for the county treasurer seat are current county clerk and recorder Elaine Sullivan and Mike Brinks, an accountant with Bonaker & Associates.

Sullivan said she was nervous about the outcome of today's election.

"I am always nervous, if I am contested or not," she said. "It is just one of those things."

Despite her nervousness, Sullivan thinks she has "a really good shot," she said.

"With all the comments that I am hearing on the street, and they're telling me that they voted for me … I have heard really good comments," she said.

Sullivan said her campaign has gone well since announcing she would seek the position.

"All my people have been real positive and we've tried to take the high road," she said. "We don't put down the other candidate. I think we have done a great job."

Brinks said he was not nervous about the election, but was just waiting to "see what the voters want."

"The people that I have talked to that know me I think are supporting me," he said. "But there are more people out there that I don't know than I do know."

Brinks said his campaign "went well."

When asked who he thought would win the race, Brinks said, "I don't have a clue."

"I got my advertising out and tried to let the people know that there was a difference in the candidates and we'll let them choose," he said.

Brinks said "it'll be a relief" to know the outcome of the election so "we won't have to do it for another three months."

Coroner candidates ready for results

The two candidates competing for the county coroner seat are Moffat County Sheriff's Office deputy Larry Dalton and local chiropractor Kirk McKey.

Dalton said he is nervous heading into today's election.

He said he has experienced "a lot of ups and downs" during his campaign trail.

"One minute, you talk to a group of people and you are on top of the world and you are riding the wave because they are all supportive and they are all behind you," he said. "Then, you turn around and talk to the next group of people, and they are going the other way."

Despite the ups and downs, Dalton said he is prepared to go before voters today.

"If they choose to elect me, I'm ready for it," he said. "It is a lot of hard work."

Dalton said he is confident he will win the race, but the results might be close.

McKey said he is "absolutely" nervous about the election, but is getting better.

"You don't know what the results are," he said. "You'll know tomorrow night, but right now, you don't know. It is just the unknown."

McKey said support from the community has helped put his mind at ease.

"A lot of friends have been calling and emailing and I just feel a lot of support right now," he said. "I feel like we have done all we can do."

McKey said he has done everything originally outlined in his campaign strategy and the race could be close, but he has a shot.

"We just feel like we have followed our game plan and want to see what the voters decide now," he said.

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