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Brandon Johnson

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Artifacts could find home at Craig museum

The Entrega gas pipeline set to run through Moffat County this fall could bring new artifacts to the Museum of Northwest Colorado.

Artifacts found on federal lands, such as those run by the Bureau of Land Management, will end up at a museum in Grand Junction. But, pending an agreement with the Colorado Historical Society, artifacts from state lands will go to the museum in Craig.

The Moffat County commissioners will vote on the agreement at today’s meeting.

Museum director Dan Davidson said the museum will be required to keep any artifacts from state lands open to the public for research purposes.

“It will require us to do some things, but we’re going to get a lot from it,” Davidson said of the agreement.

One of the biggest benefits from the agreement, Davidson said, is that significant artifacts from the project will stay in the area.

Entrega gave the museum a $10,000 gift last month for construction and a possible exhibit of artifacts from the pipeline project.

Archaeologist Jason Eckman of Alpine Archaeology in Montrose will be on hand during the pipeline project, helping to identify and preserve artifacts. Crews will be instructed to tell him about anything they find.

Eckman said last month that he expects to find a lot of fire pits during the Entrega project.