Around 70 show cattle at County Fair |

Around 70 show cattle at County Fair

Elwood Shelton

A ribbon in the cattle show can be a long time coming, just ask this year’s Senior Market Beef Showmanship Grand Champion Lacey Green. This year was the 19-year-old’s third year placing in the one of the top two positions, but it hasn’t always been that way.

“I took me nearly 10 years to get my first ribbon in cattle,” she said. “But, there are those who will go their entire 4-H career without placing in cattle. It’s really a tough competition.”

What makes the cattle show so tough compared to the other livestock shows is that cattle, because of their size, are hard to handle. And, the judging stipulations are a little more selective than in the other shows.

“Moffat County has good beef, and usually a lot of it,” Green said. “So there’s a lot of trying hard and hoping involved with showing beef.”

There were around 70 entries at weigh-in Friday that made up three different age classes, Senior, intermediate and junior. The senior division was so large this year 16 entries that it was split into two flights.

The competitors showed their beef in three different classes. The Showmanship class, is one which judges the cow and handler on how well the present themselves in the arena. Market Class is a show of what should be the ideal beef. Market Class doesn’t focus on the participant’s ability to show an animal. The final class, the Market Feeder Class, is for the cattle that didn’t meet weight stipulation during weigh in.

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“To compete in showmanship or the market class, a steer has to weigh at least 1,000 pounds, and the classes are split up by the steer’s weight and hip size,” Colorado State University Extension Agent Ann Franklin said.

Winners were:


Senior showmanship, Lacy Green, Grand Champion

Senior showmanship, Shawna Frentress, reserve champion

Intermediate showmanship, Frankie Stetson, Grand Champion

Intermediate showmanship, Sarah Kawcak, reserve champion.

Junior Showmanship, Jorgiea Raftopoulos, Grand Champion

Junior Showmanship, Nate Moon, Reserve Champion.

Market Class

1,000- to 1,341-pound, Autumn Daniels , Grand Champion.

1,016- to 1,306-pound class, Rance Moon, Grand Champion.

1,193-pound class, Kacey Snowden, Grand Champion.

1,203 to 1,386-pound class, Lacey Green, Grand Champion

1,081 to 1,376-pound class, Frankie Stetson, Grand Champion.

1,136 to 1,211-pound class, Doyle Moon, Grand Champion

1,113 to 1,365-pound class, Vernon Taylor, Grand Champion

1,200 to 1,461-pound class Kacey Snowden, Grand Champion

“It turned out to be a pretty good show with a lot of good beef,” Kacey Snowden said. “But that’s one of the things Moffat County is know for its beef.”

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