Annie’s Mailbox: Woman hates family sleeping arrangements |

Annie’s Mailbox: Woman hates family sleeping arrangements

Dear Annie: I just returned from a weeklong family vacation, and once again, I am disturbed by the sleeping arrangements of my relatives.

My large family rents several condos, so we have plenty of beds, couches and ample floor space.

Here's the creepy part: There are mothers sleeping with teenage sons, teenage boys sleeping with their sisters, dads sleeping with teenage daughters.

It's not happening behind closed doors, so nothing disturbing is going on. But why would a single dad have his adolescent daughter sleep with him rather than in a sleeping bag?

I have teens of my own and wouldn't dream of bunking down with one of my boys or having him share a bed with his teenage sister. Is this normal?

— Icky

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Dear Icky: No. It almost sounds as if your relatives are trying to prove how affectionate and close they are, but these kinds of situations can lead to inadvertent trouble.

Hormonally developing teenagers should not be sharing sleeping space with relatives of the opposite sex, and we hope your family members will show more respect for their privacy.

Dear Annie: This is in response to "Losing Money," who asked about paying for missed lessons.

If you skipped a doctor's appointment, you would be charged. She has to treat this as any professional business.

I began charging for lessons by the month.

Students would receive a credit only if they contacted me 24 hours prior to a missed lesson.

Once I established this policy, parents were much more diligent about showing up.

— B.

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