Annie’s Mailbox: Will womanizer ever change? |

Annie’s Mailbox: Will womanizer ever change?

Dear Annie: For the past year, I have been involved with "Mr. H.," who appears to care very little for me. He started off calling and visiting regularly, but six months into the relationship, he began distancing himself.

Mr. H. never wants to do what I like, refuses to let me come to his home, doesn't like to be seen with me in the daytime and wants to come to my house after 6:30. He never invites me out or to his family gatherings. At the moment, we speak to each other sporadically, and I don't know what to say to him. He never expresses his feelings and has stopped doing the things he did when we first met.

He is very private and secretive. I have treated him with kindness and respect, but no longer believe I am the person he wants to be with. He has been single for 20 years and apparently doesn't want to give up womanizing. Unfortunately, I'm in love with this man, but he shows no emotion toward me. I feel rejected. Should I continue this one-sided relationship or move on?

— Need Advice

Dear Need: You already know the answer. Mr. H could be married or seeing someone else and doesn't want her to know about you (which means he considers her more important). Love is a two-way street, honey, and any relationship that is completely one-sided is not genuine love. You are infatuated with someone who treats you poorly. You deserve better. Move on.

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