Annie’s Mailbox: Wife worried about husband’s ex |

Annie’s Mailbox: Wife worried about husband’s ex

Dear Annie: I have been with "Ted" for a year. He is a wonderful man, and I love every moment we spend together.

But he talks to his ex-wife on a regular basis.

She left him after a 13-year relationship, and they had no children together. Yet, he still tells her he loves her and talks to her exactly the same way he talks to me.

Ted says I have nothing to worry about, but it frustrates me. He tells me he doesn't want to lose her friendship and will always love her because she's been in his life "for so long."

But what about me?

— Confused Girlfriend

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Dear Confused: The question is not the friendship. It's whether he'd go back to his ex if she asked.

Ted should examine his own feelings and decide whether he is fully committed to you or not.

You don't need a man who is pining for a lost love.

If he insists you are the only woman in his life, ask him to please cut back on the frequency of his calls to the ex for the sake of your relationship.

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