Annie’s Mailbox: Step-daughter lashing out at woman |

Annie’s Mailbox: Step-daughter lashing out at woman

Dear Annie: I've known my 26-year-old stepdaughter, "Monica," since she was 5.

She never spent much time with her father, but when the first grandchild was born, she came by more often because she wanted a babysitter.

Her dad and I were together 21 years before he passed away six months ago.

Now when I hear from Monica, all she wants to do is rehash everything that happened at the end of her father's life.

She harangues me about difficult choices I had to make, even though my husband and I discussed those things in advance.

I still have two children at home and work full time, and I am trying to deal with my own grief. Monica's attitude makes it hard to stay in contact.

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I know she is grieving, too, but I think she feels guilty for not spending more time with her dad before it was too late. She hurt him a great deal over the years.

I'm sure Monica is angry that I haven't called lately, but I just can't deal with her.

I do love her and our grandchild, but am I wrong to want some distance right now?

— Still Grieving

Dear Still: We understand that you want to avoid being assaulted by Monica.

But. please know that these things can take on a life of their own, and the relationship may not recover — even when you are ready.

Because you love her and the grandchild, we recommend instead that you maintain minimal contact (as much as you can handle at a time) and urge Monica to get grief counseling. You might even offer to go with her.

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