Annie’s Mailbox: Should he know about lying wife? |

Annie’s Mailbox: Should he know about lying wife?

Dear Annie: My husband's older brother was married last year and we have since discovered that his wife is a compulsive liar.

My brother-in-law is oblivious, but it hurts us to see him being treated this way by a woman he loves.

Should we tell him his wife is constantly lying to him or should we just butt out and mind our own business?

— Nebraska

Dear Nebraska: If the lies are specific and damaging to his relationship with the family (e.g., she says your husband stole from her purse), you may set the facts straight.

If she is lying about how much money she spent on an outfit, that's not your business.

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Pick your battles carefully or you will lose all of them.

Dear Annie: Perhaps "Life's a Beach" might consider my surefire way to get rid of unwanted guests.

After dinner, I put all the dishes on the floor so the dog can lick them clean. I then pick them up and put them directly into the cupboards. You will never see those guests again.

— Lick 'Em Clean

Dear Lick: We sure hope you pull all those dishes out of the cupboards and wash them as soon as the guests leave. Yuck.

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