Annie’s Mailbox: Put end-of-life wishes in writing |

Annie’s Mailbox: Put end-of-life wishes in writing

Dear Annie: I read the letter from "Confused," the disabled 58-year-old woman whose relatives want her to dump her 73-year-old husband and keep trying to control her health care.

You missed an important opportunity to remind everyone, and especially folks with health issues, to have a legally crafted and properly executed advanced medical directive and living will. "Confused" would then have the opportunity to express her wishes and to state who would be the one to implement them when necessary. That would eliminate the inter-familial hassles and fighting.

— A.E.

Dear A.E.: It is always wise to have your end-of-life wishes in writing, and we appreciate the reminder to our readers. In this particular instance, however, we doubt it would end the family fights.

Her relatives want to control everything, including her marriage. Unfortunately, no living will covers that.

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