Annie’s Mailbox: My husband plans to leave US |

Annie’s Mailbox: My husband plans to leave US

Dear Annie: My 59-year-old husband of 15 years wants to leave the U.S. and move abroad for a few years because he is not getting along with his family. He insists I also pack up and move.

I have no intention of moving to Europe or Mexico. If he wants to go, I plan to sell our house and move into an apartment, where I will await his return. I am too old to learn another language and adapt to another culture, find new doctors, get health and dental insurance, etc. I want to relax and enjoy my retirement and visit my children.

— Staying Put in Texas

Dear Texas: This is the type of decision that should be mutually agreed upon. We will say that living in another country can expand your horizons and may be a better and more worthwhile experience than you are willing to accept. However, you should not be forced into it. Keep in mind that long separations can lead to permanent ones.

Dear Annie: My 60-year-old husband is a reckless driver. He tailgates trucks on the interstate, looks around at the scenery, takes curves way too fast, always goes over the speed limit and often veers over the center line and onto the shoulder of the road because he isn't paying attention. Riding with him makes me nervous, but if I say anything, he gets angry.

— Nervous in Virginia

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Dear Virginia: Some men equate driving with virility. It makes them feel young and macho to drive fast and recklessly. We highly recommend you stop riding with him, even if that means taking a taxi.

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