Annie’s Mailbox: Internet activities concern wife |

Annie’s Mailbox: Internet activities concern wife

Dear Annie: My husband and I share a computer.

I recently came across the complete name and city of an individual with the caption, "activated his profile," as well as the message, "Sex is live. Come find your partner."

My husband says he has no idea how this profile popped up on his computer.

The only other message in the profile section concerns an entry about my husband's brother having activated his own profile.

I would really appreciate an answer.

— Don't Know What To Believe

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Dear Don't Know: We can't tell you whether your husband is lying.

We can, however, say that it is possible this is some kind of spam, or that his brother set it up and your husband is completely innocent.

In which case, his brother is an idiot.

But keep your eyes open, just in case.

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