Annie’s Mailbox: He won’t talk about marriage |

Annie’s Mailbox: He won’t talk about marriage

Dear Annie: I am 26 and have been seriously dating "Bryan" for four years. We have lived together most of that time and love each other deeply.

Last year, Bryan was offered a promotion in another city and said he wouldn't go unless I came along. I agreed, quit my job, depleted my savings and moved.

Our relationship is strong. The problem is, Bryan refuses to talk about marriage. Every time I bring it up, he gets upset.

The last time, I told Bryan I would not wait forever and gave him an ultimatum -— he has until the end of this year to propose, or he will lose me.

I am not eager to leave, and I'm not desperate to marry, but I would like to know marriage is in the near future so I can plan. My biological clock is ticking, and I feel that if I don't speak up, nothing will ever happen.

Do you agree?

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— Tired of Waiting

Dear Tired: If you want marriage, you will have to push Bryan into it or get out of the relationship and find someone else. So yes, your ultimatum makes sense.

But you must be prepared to walk if he doesn't come through. You have been with this man for four years and are entitled to know his intentions.

But if he is incapable of discussing marriage without becoming upset, we don't hold out a lot of hope.

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